Framed is an innovative narrative-puzzle game set in a noir comic book world. Presented as an animated storyboard and played in ‘chapters’, each panel depicts an important action or event. After watching the scene unfold, players can rearrange the order of the panels, changing the way the events play out and the outcome of the narrative. With each action framed by the last, context is everything.

By touching and dragging story panels, the player rearranges the sequence of events, altering the narrative outcome and helping the man overcome each situation he finds himself in.



Framed is our attempt to break new ground in interactive narrative by having clearly defined actions whose meaning changes based on the context. Instead of the player having control of the actions (run, jump, shoot, curb stomp), you’re changing the context of what happens, and therefore the meaning of the scene.


This results in a unique interactive narrative, where every action is framed by the last, and the only thing tying the narrative vignettes together is the player’s context.


Take part in breaking new ground in storytelling and games.

 Framed launches in 2013 across PC, Mac and iOS.

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