The IMGA competition is the international mobile entertainment industry’s leading showcase for groundbreaking innovations. This is the 10th year of the competition and we were overjoyed to have FRAMED be nominated for ‘Best Upcoming Game’. We are even more overjoyed to have won! We feel extremely privileged to be in such great company. Congratulations to all […]



It’s not very often you find yourself part of something truly revolutionary in game design. I can happily say that I feel I was part of such a thing recently as we held another ‘design camp’ to finalise the treatment for the narrative for FRAMED.


Here at Loveshack HQ we recently decided to create a new trailer for our debut game FRAMED in order to hopefully whet the appetites of people who are new to the game, give existing fans something new and to support the launch of the game’s new website. This is how we approached it.



We left the shack for a weekend and set up a booth at this small thing called PAX! It was the first PAX to be held in Australia, and it was great. The atmosphere and spirit of PAX was well and truly captured, and best of all, Framed went down a treat. We’re not really […]


Framed makes Pocket Gamer’s list of most anticipated games of 2013

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Design Camp

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A couple of weeks ago we went away to leafy Belgrave for a few days to work on final narrative designs for our debut game – noir panel-swapper, Framed. 


5 half life3

There’s only so much old, dark, smelly carpet one man (or three) can take. It was seriously affecting our mojo so it had to go. We took a break from making Framed to launch into a full scale war on the floor. And a wall.


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